Aventura began, like many seductive ideas, with a creative human and an experience. When restaurateur Sava Farah bought the building Aventura calls home, out of pure fascination plus great timing, she immediately fell in love with the history, the patina, the personality of the space, but perhaps most significantly, with—a table – a symbol of the moments shared between new and old friends and the love of gastronomy.

She gathered her friends around that table, in the cavern-like basement of this building, and was immediately transported to another place – old world, wine and cheese, music and conversation, candlelight… tapas.

A Creative Journey

Following the transformative experience, a creative journey to Spain is where the seed of inspiration truly began to blossom. In the spirit of adventure, Sava and her team immersed themselves in the Spanish experience, dining in nearly every tapas bar they stumbled upon, imbibing masterfully crafted gin tonics and vino, discovering new ingredients, and basking in the culture, all while strengthening their bond with one another, and the future restaurant.Aventura, at its root, was born of the spirit of adventure and the unexpected moments of delight found while traveling. From the discovery of ingredients to the blossoming of new and old friendships through experiences shared, Aventura is an expression of our love – our love for adventure, authenticity, and hospitality.

A Destination

The same table (“La Mesa”) that inspired the restaurant and the trip to Spain now sits in the middle of Aventura, a continuing symbol of Sava and her team’s coming together over the love of Tapas-style dining – a deeply social experience intended for sharing in the joys of food, drink, conversation and laughter.
Breathing life into one of Ann Arbor’s oldest downtown buildings, Aventura will transport you to another world as you walk into rustic brick arches, original stonework, and a sleek diamond-white bar. With an array of Spanish wines, exotic cocktails, modern Spanish-inspired tapas and authentic Valencian paella, Aventura provides a thrill for any palate.

From our custom neon sign and graffiti wall, to our beautifully-designed spaces, Aventura's atmosphere exudes a spirit of adventure and storytelling that leaves you wanting to explore more. Literally carved from the bones of the original space (b. 1872) and utilizing classic Spanish design elements paired with works by local artists, the dining room and bar are intentionally intertwined, reiterating the deeply social experience of traditional Catalan and Valencian-style tapas bars.

Whether you seek a cozy night out with a loved one or are looking to spice up your nightlife, come enjoy the sights, the sounds, and the flavors of Aventura. Experience a modern spin on tapas-style dining with genuine and overflowing hospitality in the heart of Downtown Ann Arbor.

We invite you to eat, drink, laugh and linger here; to enjoy the company of those you love as well as those you don’t yet know.